Thanks to our Celebration of Our Nation Contest Winners!

Thank you to everyone who participated in all the contests for our Celebration of Our Nation event Sat!

It was a huge success and that was in part of the amazing participation for the contests!

Great artwork, pies, bikes and all the golf carts that were decorated! Y’all were all very amazing!

Here is a list of all our winners!

5k Race Top male and female:

Keelan Kilgour and Fran Wymbs

5k Walkers Top male and female:

Len Holzapfel and Donna Summers

Art Contest:

First place: Kendra McManis

Second place: Kylee Hendershott

Third place: Emily Canter

Apple Pie Contest:

First place: Tamara Pfeiffer

Second place: Brenna Dixon

Third place: Barbara Sims

Bicycle Contest:

First place: Kala Saltsman

Second place: Bruce and Joy

Third place: Carly Womeldorf

Golf Cart Contest:

First place: Chucks Pride and Joy-Susan Wood

Second place: Compel Ministry

Third place: Moore Family

Pictured are our apple pie winners! #wellstonmainstreet #celebrate #winners

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